cool cats & fly ladies


Meeting new people

On this particular Saturday I joined some other photographers for a walk around Columbia, PA. I love street photography and I always will, but most of all I love the people in the images and their story. I could have talked to these girls all day. 

Looking Forward


Almost every photographer will tell you, the money they make goes right back into their equipment, props, technology, tools of the trade, education and least this is true for me. I'm like a kid on Christmas morning when I get new gadgets to improve. Here's to the adventure that awaits! <3


The Assistant

It's always nice to have someone helping you on any project, especially when that involves clean up. She's after me lucky charms ;)

Fur babies

When you see it...

Our pup is getting bigger everyday, we try to hold him every chance we get while he's still little. This photo is more of a "Where's Waldo". Enjoy.

Off Leash

Off leash

Sometimes we find ourselves on an invisible leash.. holding ourselves back, from others, from life, from struggles deep within. Run free, run free from what you're holding back